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Louise39 demise

It's Jim again with terrible news. My beloved Louise passed away Friday
Aug 23rd at 7:40 AM EDT. Louise suffered from MS for more than 30 years and
respiratory problems secondary to this terrible disease led to her death.
This last year was horrendous, but her passing was peaceful and her suffering is over.
Many of you sent her cards and notes from time to time and I read all of them to her unti the last week
or so when she was not conscious enough to follow. I thank all the senders from the bottom of my heart!

She will be waked here on Long Island on Tues Aug 27 and her funeral services will be Aug 28. If anyone wishes to contact me or send a note which we may include on a life time board, please post or send to me at
Bo39gey@gmail.com. She was the nicest, kindest person I ever met in my life!


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Louise update

It's hard to believe that Louise will be in rehab one year on March 27th or that she left home on Feb. 2nd, 2012.

At this point,the withdrawal from the vent is going pretty well and meeting expectations, but secondary problems continue to bedevil her and are being treated with varying degrees of success. We hope for improvement in the short term or at least at a steady rate.

Louise asked me to pass on her thanks to everyone for their good wishes, and she especially appreciates the cards and notes sent to the Rehab. Facility. It is wonderful that strong friendships have developed via Live Journal, not to mention Buffy and Spike.

We hope for progress by late April and I will post again then. Hope you all have a fine Spring.

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Louise Condition

Louise is thinking of the LJ group often and has begun to use her IPAD to
read the LJ "Friends" entries.

Although the wi-fi is sometimes spotty, she is plugging away.

Hope everyone has an easy winter. We will keep you abreast of any changes.

A special thanks to all of you who sent Holiday cards and notes. She enjoys them very much.

Best wishes,
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Louise 39 Status - Jim Again

Hello and Season's Greetings to All,

Louise remains in the rehab/health care facility she entered on March 27th. I had hoped that she would be home long before this but she has experienced some setbacks and those, plus the effects of Sandy the super storm have caused us to postpone her return home which we had envisioned as late November.

Sandy of course was the worst storm here in decades with a storm surge of about 17 1/2 feet above high tide levels, and we expect that recovery will take many months and cost and enormous amount. Louise,fortunately, was safe in the Cold Spring Hills facility and their back up generators provided heat and light throughout the storm and it's aftermath, when regular power supplies failed. Only tv (cable) was knocked out and that was back within a week.

We do not have a new target date for return home yet, but expect that we will see where we are in late January and set one at that time.

We hope all of you have a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2013. Louise misses you all and sends her Love. If you like you may post on LJ or send mail to her as follows:

Louise Wilson
c/o Cold Spring Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center
Sea Cliff 1 - Rm 119-1
348 Syosset-Woodbury Road
Woodbury NY 11737

Best wishes, Jim
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(no subject)

Hi All,
It's still Jim, unfortunately and I apologize for missing the June 10 update goal by several miles. Louise remains in the rehab on Long Island and has had a very tough time with the recovery.The last three weeks have been more encouraging than June & early July were.Louise is still on a vent, but has been on a weaning protocol for the last few weeks. The goal is to get her vent free for about 12 hours per day. That level of independence might make it feasible for her to go home, but it appears that she would still require the vent overnight for ???. All in all a terrible episode in her life. I am actually typing this update in the rehab. I will try to get out future updates on a more timely basis. We have wifi and good old IPads in the rehab so I will make sure she sees your comments.Thanks for being good friends to Louise!
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Louise 39 Progress

It's  over one month since the last update. Louise remains in a rehab facility on Long Island, NY. She is receiving various therapies, especially PT to regain strength and coordination and OT to improve her ability to deal with all those little life tasks we sometimes take for granted, such as manipulating utensils. After such a long period of hospitalization, coming back is a major project.
I usually show her your comments (re-hab place has wi-fi, I have IPad) and I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from you all. I will shoot for another update by June 10th or so. Thanks to you all for remembering Louise 39.
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(no subject)

Hello all, 
It's Jim again. March was a very busy month and I apologize for not posting sooner. Louise is in a rehab. in Syosset, NY. She arrived in the late afternoon of Mar. 25th. She was stable medically  and that led to the discharge from the acute care hospital. In the rehab. she is receiving PT and OT 5 days per week and is making progress. They will soon be weaning her from the vent to the extent feasible, although as I mentioned last time, we expect to have a vent in the house when she returns home. There is no projection for her discharge from the rehab as yet but I hope we will have one within two weeks. 
She sends her best wishes to you all again and asks to be remembered. I will post again in a week or so and sooner if we get major news. Thanks to you all for your concern and kind words. I can tell you unreservedly that she is a wonderful, kind and generous person and daily displays incredible courage and fortitude in dealing with this cruel blow. Today 4/4 is her birthday.
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Louise 39

Hello All,

I'm sorry to have to tell you that Louise39 is still hospitalized. Today is day 33 of this go-round. Since my last post, Louise began to experience increasing respiratory problems and a tracheostomy was recommended. Louise decided to proceed and the surgery was performed on Weds. night, Feb. 29th. It was successful and Louise is now learning how to live with this implanted device. She is on a vent for part of the day and is gradually being "weaned" from it. She is presently unable to speak but we will soon fit a valve that will enable her to speak when it is present. In addition, she must re-learn eating with a "trach". She remains as cheerful as anyone could be under the circumstances (she is indomitable, you know) and misses communicating directly with her LJ friends. I hope that she will return home soon but there are a lot of curves and roundabouts on this road. It appears that we will have to have some special equipment in our home to support her, but I have no precise details yet. Rest. assured that she loves you all, as well as most ot the Buffy characters and she will be writing these herself as soon as she is able. In the interim, I will keep you posted as best I can.Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

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Louise 39

Hello folks,
I am sorry to say that last week was a challenging week for Louise and there was no release. Friday was a poor day, 
Saturday a good day and Sunday somewhere in between. I will be heading for the hospital soon and hope to get something more concrete from her doctors. I will post an update, hopefully a good one, as soon as I have more information.
I spoke to Louise twice this morning and she sends her love to all.